How To Buy Foreclosed Properties

Discover a Step-by-step system for finding and buying profitable Foreclosed Properties in the Philippines

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Do you want to invest in foreclosed properties but ...

  • You realized you have no idea how to get started?
  • You got inspired after reading a book, or attending a seminar, but you don't know what to do next?
  • You tried to find a foreclosed property to invest in, but encountered so many questions that stopped you from moving forward?
  • You found a foreclosed property you want to buy, but realized you don't know what to do with it?
  • You asked yourself if it really makes sense to buy a foreclosed property and you don't have answers?
  • You felt like giving up because of so many questions left unanswered about foreclosed properties?

If you experienced any of the above, then this training is for you...

In this training/workshop, you will get all the step-by-step information you need so you can actually go out there and start investing in real estate (focused on foreclosed properties) for real!

But why did I have to create my own training about foreclosed property investing?

I'm often invited to share our own experiences and lessons learned about investing in foreclosed properties at seminars, real estate events, and also on T.V. shows, just like ANC On The Money below.

People tell me they learned a lot, but they often say they want to learn more, and ask if I have my own training.

At first I was hesitant to create my training because I knew how much I have to cover to give the most complete picture of investing in foreclosed properties, and this would be a huge undertaking that would take a lot of time and effort to finish, especially since I am working on my own deals.

But through the years, so many people kept asking for help, many end up losing money, others get scammed, a lot simply have no idea what to do next, and I receive more and more questions through my blog on a daily basis.

A friend of mine once said that if I don't share what we have learned, people might have nowhere to get reliable information...

It became very clear that I just had to create this training

I feel that it's not right for people to rely on incomplete information out there, so after more than 4 years, I was finally able to create this training.

Looking back, how I wish there was a step-by-step training like this when I was getting started. And it turns out that I would have to be the one to create one for everyone.

Simply put, my goal with this training is to equip you with the knowledge and wisdom gained through years of experience, so that those who go through this training can actually go out there and start investing in real estate the right way.

I held nothing back and shared just about everything we have learned through the years, and I am committed to helping you achieve your real estate investing success, through this training.

Now you will know what worked for me so you can do the same, and avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

I look forward to working with you inside the training area.

Sincerely yours,

Jay Castillo - Owner and founder, |True North Online Marketing Services

"The value we can get from this training is way more than what we paid for.

Its the step by step details of proven and tested methods and the fact that you can ask question during live sessions and practically any time of the day through private message


I highly recommend this to everyone, this is a life changer kindda stuff."

- BG Sala, OFW based in Qatar


Your Instructor

Jay Castillo
Jay Castillo

My name is Jay Castillo, and I started as a tool to help me when I was still starting with investing in foreclosed properties. Little did I know that it will be a big help to others who are just starting with real estate.

My passion is with making things work, and documenting what works, what doesn't... and this is exactly what I've been doing with real estate.

After several successful deals, I was able to quit my job as the I.T. Manager of a multinational company to focus on real estate full-time, and I have been documenting my real estate journey ever since.

I am also a PRC licensed Real Estate Broker with REB License # 3194.

I have been featured on:

What’s included in the training?

  • 10 Step-By-Step Modules that will take you through the whole process of buying and profiting from a foreclosed property
  • Access and login 24/7 - All course materials are digital and accessible online so you can login to access the content anytime from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • This is meant to be a 16-week* training program that will empower you to identify your first (or next) profitable foreclosed property, with the knowledge and know-how that will guide you from the beginning to the completion of the deal, and you will get more than 8 years worth of "in the trenches" experience gained from working on my own deals (plus lessons from the first 4 years of trying to find deals)
  • Training content is available online with downloadable audio (.MP3) format, slides (.PDF), and spreadsheets for easy computations and analysis of properties (.XLS). Live Q and A sessions are done through webinars (with recorded replays), and these are delivered in a convenient, and organized way, that will give you proper direction for faster learning and success.
  • Access to calculators for analyzing properties - I use excel sheets to quickly analyze properties, and I have created equivalent online calculators for quick and easy analysis. You get access to both!
  • You get 30+ hours of step-by-step videos (excluding Q and A sessions and advanced topics which are another 50+ hours). I created the videos based on our own experiences and lessons learned, and I edited them all myself to keep them short, and direct to the point, while ensuring nothing important will be left out.
  • Based on questions from real people - In addition to our own experience, the content for the training is also based on our interaction with thousands of people on our blog where I have answered more than 4,000 questions related to foreclosed properties.
  • With unconditional 30-day money back guarantee!

Class Curriculum

  Resource 1: Training information and links to tools mentioned in the training
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  Resource 4: Bank Specific Tips
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training through online videos or live (face-to-face in a class room) or podcast or virtual (through webinars)?
It is a combination of both videos (with equivalent audio that are like podcasts), live webinars, and an actual meetup. With regard to live webinars, ours is really live, wherein there is no lag (unlike other webinars out there where there is a 30-second to 1-minute delay). We can talk in real-time, it’s really like we are in a live meeting/virtual classroom. The date of the live and face-to-face meetup will be announced in the middle of the training.
Where is the training venue?
The training is mostly digital, which means you can access it online from where ever you are, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Alternately, this batch will also have download rights for all media via the bonus Platinum membership upgrade, which means you can go through the training course without an internet connection, after you have downloaded the videos/audio files. The venue is basically anywhere you choose, as long as your device can play the videos/audio files!

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